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Sánchez Cervera

Sánchez – Cervera Asociados, highly specialized labour law consulting firm.


SCA handles the overall procedural defense of clients in all contentious issues within the social branch of the law, both in social jurisdiction as well as before administrative authorities having competence in this area, especially before the Labour Inspectorate and mediation and arbitration organisms. It intervenes in all types of legal procedures, across the country, having extensive experience in the area, both in individual and collective processes before the Social Courts, National Audience, Supreme Courts of Justice and Constitutional Court; the firm has also intervened in processes before the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

In addition to the personal defense of the issue, we fully develop the litigation: from its creation, adopting the caveats of conflict prevention, as well as, once filed, the approach, preparation and development of the procedure in all of its phases, in the first instance and any resulting appeals, depending on the specific case.

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SCA offers advising on the creation of collective labour relationships in the company, both regarding obligations derived from the worker representative election processes, as well as in the relationships and dialogue with unitary and labour union representatives. The firm relies on its extensive knowledge and experience in the collective facet of labour law: social dialogue, trade union relations, collective conflicts and strikes; so, for years now, it has directly participated in collective bargaining procedures, both regarding company agreements and in statutory collective agreements of a sectorial nature (national, regional and provincial), of companies, company groups and, more recently, the so-called network partnership conventions.

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Human resources policy requires a sufficient degree of legal security when considering company feasibility needs. SCA offers advising on an on-going basis, regarding the configuration of necessary measures, anticipating solutions that may prevent future collective measures and managing the process that may be necessary in all of its phases: entrusting us with the overall design of the same, both in document preparation, negotiation and final resolution, as well as, when relevant, its legal defense. These procedures affect the so-called internal flexibility (modification of conditions, removal or failure to apply the agreement, geographical and functional mobility, transfer of productive units, outsourcing, etc.) as well as the outgoing flexibility (collective redundancies, plural or individual).

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SCA is committed to offering top quality legal-labour services, uniting the forensic practice with university education and research; together with technical and legal rigour, we have an experienced business vision, allowing us to become involved in ongoing company consultancy, the knowledge of the business specifications, and, above all, in providing solutions of great added value, so as to ensure our clients’ success in their strategic HR decisions. At the same time, it provides us with a great response capacity and extensive knowledge in the case of litigation, given that we have been involved since its inception.

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