The law firm of Sánchez-Cervera & Asociados was founded in 1975 by José Manuel Sánchez-Cervera Senra, an attorney of renowned prestige from the so-called second generation of Spanish labour law, product of the schools of professors Bayón and Alonso Olea.

Currently, the firm is managed by his two children, José Manuel and Laura Sánchez-Cervera Valdés, who have carried on the professional trajectory that their father initiated, leading a personalized office that focuses on professionalism, specialization, proximity and direct personal attention.

“SCA adapts to the needs of
its clients; its priority is
to offer solutions.”



The results obtained and the professional qualifications of our partners, as well as those of other related professionals has allowed us to obtain renowned prestige in the legal profession, characterizing our firm by its ethics, efficiency and responsibility.


SCA offers flexibility and adaptation as the foundation of its functioning, basing its client relationships on trust and empathy; its main priority is to offer individualized services that adapt to the specific needs of each client.


Thanks to its extensive experience, SCA offers rapid responses, anticipation and foresight. Today, we recognize that our clients have ever changing dynamics; therefore, specialization is a fundamental value that we offer in order to ensure success.


SCA believes in establishing a strong commitment to its clients. Each issue is managed directly by a partner, who oversees the most suitable work team, offering the utmost in professional quality and service, always based on ethics and responsibility.


Our managing partners

Jose Manuel Sánchez-Cervera Valdés

Managing Partner

PhD in Law with Cum Laude honours, Professor of Employment and Social Security Law at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas-ICADE, Practicing lawyer.

Laura Sánchez-Cervera Valdés

Partner of the firm

Degree in Law and practicing lawyer, she has extensive experience in Private Law thanks to her years of training in the notary public association and her other prior experience: initially as a notary public and later as a legal expert in the civil and commercial department of a major banking entity.


With direct intervention in all of the firm issues that are handled by the two shareholding partners, the firm relies on qualified professionals, including attorneys offering their services under the leadership of these partners, as well as specific collaborations and associations with firms of distinct specialties, for specific issues of need, as well as a set of collaborators from other professional activities as required for issues demanding specific technical evidence or complementary advising beyond a strictly legal scope.

Our commitment, your peace of mind





Sánchez-Cervera Asociados