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    Sánchez-Cervera Asociados is a national reference in the Disability Law. We offer advice on the most current issues in the sector, not only in employment, but in the new areas of action.

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Pioneers in labour integration of the disabled


Since the origins of associative movement, SCA has contributed directly and in an ongoing manner, to the legal development of the integration of disabled individuals, especially the intellectually disabled, by offering advising with regards to the Plena Inclusión (Full Inclusion) movement. Since its onset, this associative movement has supported, managed and offered legal solutions to all social movements or initiatives with which it has been associated, providing support, promotion and development for the disabled.

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SCA is a qualified specialist in the area of disability, in the policy and conventional development of a legal framework that is intended to ensure labour and social equality for disabled individuals through distinct forms of labour integration: protected employment, labour enclaves, ordinary employment, reservation quotas, etc.; its commitment and dedication to the sector (through the advising of associative employer organizations (federations and confederations) and entities) has led to the contribution or advancing of this objective of full individual inclusion, the progressive implementation of Human Rights Law for these individuals and their recognition as citizens with equal rights.

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In this context, and with regards to the organizations working in the area of disabilities, relationships with public administrations are essential; legally speaking, SCA offers broad experience in this area, especially with regards to subsidy dossiers, expenditure justifications, programs, etc., being highly successful in both the administrative channels as well as with contentious-administrative jurisdiction, in reimbursement files and similar documents.

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Along with the organizational, public and employment areas, the firm also handles private individual issues, their development and legal protection in the area of civil defense (incapacitation, guardianship, limitations of capacity, right to vote, etc.); in the area of care, from the recognition of the situation of dependency to the declaration of incapacity or professional retirement (retirement pension, compatibility with other pensions, premature aging and labour performance, etc.).

Likewise, it offers specific assessment regarding individual protection measures and future anticipation, for times when family members are no longer here, so as to leave the disabled individuals with a level of protection that is appropriate for their specific case, through preventive measures to be established through executors, with specific contracts to be underwritten by the family members taking care of them, especially protected patrimony, etc.

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